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Is Water Good For Your Carpet?


Yes we need some water on our crops in VA! 
Someone please do a rain dance.

Our Carpets, how much water is too much when cleaning?
That is something that get's asked everyday. 

Let's look at the set up
Carpet Fibers on top of
Carpet Backing on top of
Carpet Pad on top of
Sub Floor.

When your carpet fibers get flushed with cleaning that's good!
When you add water to the stuff under in that's not good.
Here's why:

1.  Some staining travels down with the water & comes back in a few days
2.  Some shrinking of backing, maybe some browning too
3.  Mold spores grow rapidly in dark damp places with no air movement.
4.  Will take long long time to dry.

Let's water our grass, trees, flowers etc...
but keep our carpets relatively dry.
Drier, Cleaner, Healthier

Check out our current specials:

3 Room Special

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Enjoy your summer!!
Brian Curran

Chem-Dry of Richmond Customers Help the Local FoodBank


Chem-dry of Richmond Helps the Local Community

Above is Chem-Dry of Richmond's latest food drop off (Thanks to our generous customers).  That last drop off was a total of 302 pounds of food.  WooHoo!  The Central Virginia Food Bank's highest demand is in the Summer months, so we are working extra hard to help fulfill their needs.  See the list below and help us feed the local Richmond people.  Thanks again for your generosity.

They Always Need:

Canned Meats & Fish
Peanut Butter
Canned Vegetables & Fruits
Spaghetti Sauce
Hot & Cold Cereals
Pasta & Rice

$1 = 5 meals! Visit feedmore.org to make your gift now!

Thanks again,
Brian Curran, President
Chem-Dry of Richmond

Carpet Cleaning is a Dirty Job, Why do we love it so much?


2014 Crew Photo resized 600


I had a new employee come up to me the other day
and he started the conversation like this.
Man this is a dirty job.

I responded, I don't get that dirty cleaning carpet.

He said, No...No...No  I mean we get a lot of dirt out of customers' homes. 
It's amazing how much dirt is in our customers' homes that I can't even see.
I cleaned the truck out tonight and there was so much dirt in the vacuum,
the filters, and the waste tank.

I said, That's why we all have a good job.

He responded, This is a GREAT job. 
You guys really care about cleaning for your customers health.
I'm proud to work here.  I love it.

That made my day.  It made my week.

Why do we love carpet cleaning so much?
It's Our passion to Deep Clean your home so
you can raise your kids and enjoy your lives in a safe and healthy home.

Here are are current specials:

3 Room Special save 33% Off only $40 per room.
BOGO (buy 1 get 1 FREE) on Rugs, Upholstery and tile.

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Brian C. Curran

Chem-Dry of Richmond
Chem-Dry of Williamsburg
GreenDog Chem-Dry

The Dog Days of Summer Already?


Chem-Dry of Richmond Mascot 

It sure did get hot in a hurry around here in Virginia.  I was out cleaning carpet Friday and must have drank a whole gallon of water.

We could not keep it in us, the sweat kept pouring out.


When it gets hot and humid outside any pet accidents (pee) in our carpet, pad and sub floor starts to off gas (smell).

I wish I had a home remedy for you on this one.  We do have a patented process of eliminating that awful odor.

We find the stains using black lights, moisture meters and our nose.

We saturate the area with our P.U.R.T. and it removes the odor permanently!


I love my dog Rocky, but he has had a few accidents that need cleaning up too!

Happy Dog Days!

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Brian C. Curran

Chem-Dry of Richmond


Chem-Dry of Williamsburg


GreenDog Chem-Dry


Awesome Customer Service at Chem-Dry of Richmond


photo resized 600

I'm the luckiest owner in the world.
What an AWESOME team!  They are so fun
and so good at helping customers have a
fantastic experience with us.
Here at Chem-Dry of Richmond
     1. We work really hard to get all your stains up,
     2. Restore your traffic lanes to like new condition, 
     3. Remove pet odors from your carpet, pad and sub floor.

We work hard!  We play hard! 
And we make a darn good customer service team!

We would love to help you clean for your health
Give us a call

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Hands Down, Mom most important person ever!



Mothers Day









I was thinking about Mothers Day.
It occurred to me that if my mom
wasn't there for me, I would not be
where I am today.  I would not even had
made it this far. 
My family watched home video last night of all
three of my children's births.
Wow.  What a magical moment.  Think
of all the love that goes into being a mom.
Is there a more important job or person?
No.  Not even a debate.  There is no close second.
Thank you MOM.  I love you!

P.S.  If you would like to make your Mom's day with
a clean healthy home, give us a call on our
3 Room Carpet Cleaning Special
and BOGO on Rugs, Upholstery or Tile.

Chem-Dry of Richmond wishes every Mom a Happy Mother's Day!


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Chem-Dry is getting new van decals this year.

2014 van graphics


Chem-Dry is getting new van decals this year.  I love the colors.  The green carpet cleaner in the front of the van and the slogan Your Healthy Home Starts Here are my favorite parts. 

It's amazing what goes into cleaning carpets these days.  I'm so lucky to be able to offer a wonderful service with Hot Carbonating Carpet Cleaning. 

So new vans coming to Richmond VA, Williamsburg VA, and Virginia Beach VA. 

Here's to your healthy homes and families.

Meet Mary our 4 Star Certified Customer Service Rep


IMG 5842

Mary has been with Chem-Dry of Richmond for a while and can help you find the right carpet cleaning package to fit your needs.  Mary is an expert at educating our customers on pet urine.  She is the sunshine of the call center.  And it happens to be her Birthday today.  So if you call remember to say Happy Birthday to Mary.

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I 💛 Dirty Rugs


I love rugs!  Who wants to lie down on a hardwood floor? 

Rugs bring color, comfort and can be the centerpiece of a room.

I need to warn you Area Rugs can get dirty!  It’s true.  Like all flooring they will get dirty, and you have to take care of them.  Usually that’s not too hard, vacuum them regularly is all they need.  But sometimes stuff gets spilled on them or tracked on them. 

Good News, here at Chem-Dry of Richmond we clean area rugs.  We can safely and conveniently clean them in your home.  Or if your rugs are in Big Time need of much TLC we can pick them up, take them back to our plant and give them the royal treatment. 

Anyway the photo here is of a Dirty  Rug, it’s two sided, it’s very thin and very hard to clean.  This Rug came in with lots of animal feces and urine, loss of color spots.  We plant cleaned it and there is a huge improvement. 

FYI if your animal, small child or husband pee’s on your rug, we can Guarantee odor removal with our in plant cleaning and Pet Treatment.


rug after

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Chem-Dry Franchise of the Year 2014


 Franchise of the year logo resized 600


We are so excited to be recognized as

The Chem-Dry Franchise of the Year 2014. 

What a tremendous honor. 


There are about 1500 independently owned

and operated Chem-Dry’s in the U.S. 


I feel very fortunate to have such a great

team of folks who schedule customers,

Clean Carpet, and do all the behind the scenes

support that it takes. 


We helped over 7,000 people

last year with cleaning for their health. 


I’m proud to say that even when we make a mistake,

I think we made 3 last year hahaha, we work hard to make sure

our customers are 100% satisfied.


Enough celebrating, give us a call and let’s get some more carpets cleaned.



Brian Curran

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