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Chem-Dry is getting new van decals this year.

2014 van graphics


Chem-Dry is getting new van decals this year.  I love the colors.  The green carpet cleaner in the front of the van and the slogan Your Healthy Home Starts Here are my favorite parts. 

It's amazing what goes into cleaning carpets these days.  I'm so lucky to be able to offer a wonderful service with Hot Carbonating Carpet Cleaning. 

So new vans coming to Richmond VA, Williamsburg VA, and Virginia Beach VA. 

Here's to your healthy homes and families.

Meet Mary our 4 Star Certified Customer Service Rep


IMG 5842

Mary has been with Chem-Dry of Richmond for a while and can help you find the right carpet cleaning package to fit your needs.  Mary is an expert at educating our customers on pet urine.  She is the sunshine of the call center.  And it happens to be her Birthday today.  So if you call remember to say Happy Birthday to Mary.

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I 💛 Dirty Rugs


I love rugs!  Who wants to lie down on a hardwood floor? 

Rugs bring color, comfort and can be the centerpiece of a room.

I need to warn you Area Rugs can get dirty!  It’s true.  Like all flooring they will get dirty, and you have to take care of them.  Usually that’s not too hard, vacuum them regularly is all they need.  But sometimes stuff gets spilled on them or tracked on them. 

Good News, here at Chem-Dry of Richmond we clean area rugs.  We can safely and conveniently clean them in your home.  Or if your rugs are in Big Time need of much TLC we can pick them up, take them back to our plant and give them the royal treatment. 

Anyway the photo here is of a Dirty  Rug, it’s two sided, it’s very thin and very hard to clean.  This Rug came in with lots of animal feces and urine, loss of color spots.  We plant cleaned it and there is a huge improvement. 

FYI if your animal, small child or husband pee’s on your rug, we can Guarantee odor removal with our in plant cleaning and Pet Treatment.


rug after

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Chem-Dry Franchise of the Year 2014


 Franchise of the year logo resized 600


We are so excited to be recognized as

The Chem-Dry Franchise of the Year 2014. 

What a tremendous honor. 


There are about 1500 independently owned

and operated Chem-Dry’s in the U.S. 


I feel very fortunate to have such a great

team of folks who schedule customers,

Clean Carpet, and do all the behind the scenes

support that it takes. 


We helped over 7,000 people

last year with cleaning for their health. 


I’m proud to say that even when we make a mistake,

I think we made 3 last year hahaha, we work hard to make sure

our customers are 100% satisfied.


Enough celebrating, give us a call and let’s get some more carpets cleaned.



Brian Curran

Thanks to all our Customers!



Thank you to our wonderful customers!  You helped Chem-Dry of Richmond make the Top 20 Food & Fund Drives for May – July 2013 list. 

Our customers gave a remarkable 1,311 pounds of food that will help support the Central Virginia Food Bank. 

Great Job to all that helped!  Let's get even higher next time!

Top 20 Foodbank Givers

What Makes Chem-Dry of Richmond Green Certified?


Green Certified Cleaning Solutions

In order to be certified “green” our products and procedures have to meet a very high standard, by meeting the Dermal Toxicity, Oral Toxicity, Aquatic Toxicity and Air Quality we are able to say we are green certified.

Our main product “The Natural” as well as our stain extinguisher, pet odor remover, carpet deodorizer, upholstery rinse and upholstery wet foam cleaner meet all these specifications.

When we come to clean your home we aren’t just cleaning, we are cleaning for your health! We would live to be your upholstery cleaner in Henrico, VA, Williamsburg, VA andHanover,VA.

Call us today at 804-620-3050 to schedule an appointment today!

“HOW WE HELP”…Montclair Resident Wins Chem Dry- National Contest!


Chem-Dry helps locally

Mary Thomas a dialysis patient wins $1K prize toward a healthier home was the winner of a national facebook contest sponsored by Chem-Dry.The Montclair resident was chosen recently as the winner of upholstery cleaning service, Chem-Dry’s first national Facebook contest. Just in time for spring cleaning…

Chem-Dry of Richmond would love to help you and to be your professional carpet cleaning company in Mechanicsville VA, Henrico VA, and Midlothian, VA

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Meet Luke Our Williamsburg Carpet Care Manager



Luke Bray


Excellent customer service starts with your employees. Giving them the right tools & knowledge is key. Knowledge about your service in turn will promote trust, and build a strong relationships with potential long term customers. Luke is one ‘Shining Star’ example of the professional Customer Care Managers here at Chem-Dry of Williamsburg.   

Luke has shown our customers what it means to give excellent customer service as well as represent Chem-Dry of Williamsburg to the highest level.

He has been giving great service for one year and we are proud to say he is a part of the Chem-Dry of Williamsburg team. Customers request Luke specifically by name when scheduling their appointment. Have Luke clean your Upholstery, Carpet, and Area Rugs today in Richmond, VA and Williamsburg, VA!!

Here's what Luke's customers are saying about him:

“He was very informative, you ought to be proud to have him on your team.”

Gordon M.

"We had Luke and another guy he was training. Luke takes care of the Williamsburg area he said. What a pleasant young man and so was the one he was training. I certainly would request him again if ever have the need for service again. The world needs more poeple like him. Please let him know that for us as it was a pleasure working with them."

Teresa S.


Dustmites in Your Mattress, YUCK! Chem-Dry of Richmond can help.




According to the Center for Disease Control, a mattress can have anywhere between 10,000 to 10 million dust mites in it. Dust mites can make life pretty uncomfortable for you and your family.

If you wake up with a stuffy head, watery eyes, or have a hard time getting a good night’s sleep, it’s time to think about cleaning your mattress.

ChemDry of Richmond's superior, hot carbonated cleaning is the  perfect remedy to rid your mattress of the daily build up of dust, dirt, body sweat and other allergens, and add years to the life of your mattress.

Call ChemDry of Richmond to clean your mattress and eliminate dust mites, for a good night's sleep!

Can you guess the six letter word that makes Chem-Dry of Richmond the BEST in Carpet Cleaning?



You’ve hit the nail on the head… VALUES! Here are five reasons why we should be your educated choice.

1. Values

Chem-Dry of Richmond follows a set of core values that guide our thinking and determine our decisions. These values aid us in accomplishing our mission of providing exemplary service to every customer.

Chem-Dry was awarded the Chem-Dry Circle of Excellence Award

2. Quality

hem-Dry of Richmond is known for quality carpet care at a great value. We have been providing superior cleaning service local to our community for over 18 years. As the largest carpet cleaning company in the nation, Chem-Dry of Richmond is dedicated to the highest level of quality service. We work hard to take care of our community’s cleaning service needs.

5 Star Master Technician

3. Expertise

Chem-Dry of Richmond is experienced in servicing a variety of types of fabric, providing the appropriate care for even the finest carpets, rugs and upholstery. We’re knowledgeable and qualified in a wide variety of carpet and upholstery cleaning services. We take ongoing opportunities to gain new experiences, add services and improve our workmanship as we continue to stay on top of our industry.

        IICRC Certified Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Technicians

4. Education

Chem-Dry of Richmond believes in educating both our staff and our customers. By educating our Chem-Dry staff we stay on the cutting edge of the carpet cleaning industry. By educating our customers, they become more knowledgeable about cleaning and caring for their floors, rugs and upholstery. This helps customers make better cleaning decisions and increases the long-lasting effect of Chem-Dry services.

Of we can't get a stain out, no one can


5. Motto/Guarantee

Chem-Dry of Richmond doesn’t just clean but we clean for your health. We don’t just clean for what you can see but also for what you can’t. We stand by our work and we have a double your money back guarantee. If we don’t get a spot out, we don’t believe it’s coming out. If you hire another company to come in and clean and they are able to get that spot out… we will double back your investment. We enjoy continuously pleasing our customers with the cleanest and fastest drying carpets and upholstery in the industry. Our services are stamped and approved with trustworthy, friendly professionals.

We look forward to cleaning for you in Hanover VA, Mechanicsville, VA, and Richmond, VA

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