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Is Today Mom's Favorite Day?



My wife works harder every summer than anyone should have to. 
I get the pleasure of going to work and enjoying the family time. 
It gets hard day after summer day to keep it together.
For all you stay at home parents it's a BIG day. 
Happy First Day of School 2014-2015.
I used to sing "It's the Most wonderful time of the year"
the first day back, but now it's going to fast.
My kids are 11th, 8th, and 6th grades.


I wish everyone a happy healthy school year.
It's also a GREAT time to get your carpet,
upholstery and rugs spruced up. 
My kids and their friends trashed the
place and I'm anxious to get everything DEEP cleaned.


I'll make you a deal
Every Third Room of Carpet Cleaned is FREE.
room 1 $60, room 2 $60, room 3 FREE
room 4 $60, room 5 $60, room 6 FREE!

Has to be cleaned before Saturday Sept 13.


Also Buy One Get One FREE on Rugs or Family Room Furniture.

Schedule A Cleaning

Have a great school year,
Brian Curran
Chem-Dry of Richmond
Chem-Dry of Williamsburg
Green-Dog Chem-Dry

To-Do List Before You List!


Here are a few generally easy tips to help most any home put on a great showing performance. Read: http://bit.ly/1uYhWgq

Question: We are getting our house ready to put on the market. The advice from different agents has generated a variety of contrasting opinions about how to prepare the house for showings. We feel like two of the agents are asking for way more tasks than is necessary. Do you have a specific plan or recommendation to follow?

Answer:Every home is unique in a variety of ways. Without touring your home, it is not practical to guess, but if two out of three agents have similar independent opinions about the volume of work, it suggests they may be on the right track. Here are some tasks to consider, beyond a typical house cleaning, that will help most any home put on a great showing performance.

Why is this so important? Put yourself in the buyer's shoes. Assume two homes are virtually identical. They are both the same price and in the same neighborhood. Except, one of them is unkempt. Which one will you buy? If you chose the unkempt one because it was three blocks closer to work, how much less would you be willing to offer because you know you will have to spend time and money to freshen it up? There can be a thin line between upkeep and repair and condition and cleanliness. But sharp homes usually sell faster and for more money.

The clean-up checklist:

• Wash all the windows inside and out.

• Oil hinges on squeaky doors.

• Use paraffin wax to coat the runners the windows slide on so they open easily.

• Remove items from closets you plan to give away or throw away now. Thin out and organize them to show off the functionality. Or store items off-site. Do not wait till you move.

• If the carpet shows wear or has spots, have it cleaned commercially.

• Make sure all the light bulbs are in place, clean and working properly.

• Wash the walls and woodwork in high-traffic areas that show dirt easily.

• The garage adds value, especially when clean and well organized.

• Clean light fixtures, air vents and fan blades. These are items we tend to overlook.

• Clean around light-plate switches.

• As kitchens accumulate more dirt, wash the cupboards inside-out and scrub the floor.

• Pay particular attention to the bathrooms. Mirrors, sink, toilet and tub or shower should all be clean and bright.

• Make sure the bathroom fans are working and quiet.

The paint-up, fix-up checklist:

• Weed and feed the lawn to kill weeds and refresh the grass. Trim the edges.

• Trim the shrubs, trees and bushes so they do not dominate the appearance or street view.

• Freshen up the front door with paint, stain it, or, if it is plastic, just wash it.

• Check to see that the weather stripping around outside doors is intact.

• Check and repair the trim around windows and soffit for peeling, cracking or chipping paint.

• Repair or replace broken concrete in the sidewalk and on the porch.

• Replace open seals and broken windows, replace failed grout and caulk and repair or replace inoperable door hardware.

• Have a maintenance person plane the top or bottom edge of doors that do not close properly.

• Replace worn carpet or carpet with non-removable stains.

• Give "tired" rooms a coat of light-colored or off-white paint.

• Replace or repair broken, cracked or weathered trim boards and threshold on the exterior.

• Repair any appliances and equipment that will be staying so they are fully operable.

• Have an electrician fix or remove wires hanging out of unused or broken electrical equipment.

• Look for leaks around plumbing under sinks and have any problems repaired.

• Install shutters on the front windows of the house if you have the room.

When should you do the work? Ideally, before the first prospect walks through the front door. The list seems unwieldy. But many homebuyers tend to overestimate the cost and effort in doing the work. Some of these tasks are easy. Others, a maintenance person can combine into a single trip and take care of in a few hours. If the prospect cannot find anything wrong (they look for issues), going ahead becomes easier.

In most every case, the effort is well worth it.

Remember you are competing with other neighbors who are also trying to sell their homes. You are either helping the neighbors sell their home, or they are helping you sell your home.

Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning, Richmond VA

Professional Carpet, Rug, and Upholstery Cleaners

Not all Williamsburg and Richmond carpet cleaning companies are the same. Chem-Dry of Richmond stands apart from the crowd of carpet cleaners by offering highly effective green cleaning technology, truly professional cleaning services and a reputation for customer service that is second to none.

All of our carpet cleaning service appointments include Chem-Dry of Richmond’s exclusive Healthy Home Assurance process; a ten point quality assurance system that is guaranteed to leave you satisfied, just like the thousands of happy customers that we have serviced in over twenty years.

Call us at 804.302.4099 for more information

Amazing Raise! September is Hunger Awareness Month


amazeraise 2014 745x370 1https://feedmore.org/hunger-action-month

FeedMore’s programs – the Central Virginia Food Bank, Meals on Wheels and the Community Kitchen – provide hunger-relief solutions for our region’s most vulnerable populations – food-insecure children, struggling families, the disabled and homebound seniors, and we serve neighbors in need across Central Virginia’s 31 counties and five cities.

Last fiscal year, FeedMore distributed 20-million pounds to nearly 400 partner agencies through our Central Virginia Food Bank, served 1,056,112 meals to 12,368 children through our Children’s Programs (Kids Cafe, Summer Food, and BackPacks), provided 323,097 meals to 1,628 unduplicated homebound individuals through Meals on Wheels, and distributed 1,098,383 pounds of food to 71,265 individuals through our Mobile Pantry.



September is Hunger Action Month, when the Feeding America nationwide network of food banks, including FeedMore, unites to urge individuals to take action in their communities.

The goal of FeedMore’s Hunger Action Month is to mobilize all of Central Virginia to get involved with hunger-relief efforts in our community.

In Central Virginia, 1 in 7 individuals (206,770 individuals - including 50,960 children) is food-insecure and together, we can change that!



Social Media Orange Out:
All September long, change your Facebook and Twitter profile photos to FeedMore’s Orange Out photo! Share FeedMore’s Facebook and Twitter with your family, your friends, your co-workers and encourage them to take action!

Download FeedMore’s very own Hunger Action Month Orange Social Media icon HERE.

Of course, if you haven’t already, be sure to LIKE us on Facebook: facebook.com/FeedMore, and FOLLOW us on Twitter: twitter.com/FeedMoreInc.

Go Orange For Hunger:
On September 4, 2014, we are encouraging everyone in Central Virginia to show their support for hunger relief by “Going Orange." Wear orange for the day! Paint your face orange! Rent an orange themed costume! Have a pot-luck lunch featuring all orange colored foods!

Whatever you decide, please take photos of you “going orange” for hunger and share them with FeedMore on Facebook and Twitter and be sure to tell your friends, family and co-workers why you’re “Going Orange” for the day.

FeedMore relies on 250 volunteers every single day and we are always looking for more dedicated and compassionate Central Virginians to help us fulfill our mission! What better time to give a few hours a week than Hunger Action Month?

For more information about volunteering, please visit: feedmore.org/volunteer.

Hold a Food Drive and Donate Food:
FeedMore distributes an average of 83,000 lbs. of food every single day to our partner agencies. Holding a food drive is an easy and effective way to help! Food drives items needed are canned fruits, canned meats, canned tuna, canned vegetables, cereals, pasta and rice, peanut butter, spaghetti sauce, etc.

For more information about food drives, please visit: feedmore.org/foodfunddrives

Donate Online:
You can support FeedMore and get involved by making a financial donation in honor of Hunger Action Month on our website at: feedmore.org/hamdonation.

Donate to FeedMore During The Amazing Raise - September 17th &September 18th:
On September 17th and September 18th, The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia will hold the 3rd annual Amazing Raise event, a yearly fundraiser supporting FeedMore and hundreds of other charitable organizations in Central Virginia. During this exciting 36-hour window, every $50 donation made to FeedMore has the potential to multiply through additional grants/prizes awarded by The Community Foundation and the event’s sponsors.

For more information about The Amazing Raise and the full prize list, please visit: feedmore.org/amazingraise.

Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning, Richmond VA

Professional Carpet, Rug, and Upholstery Cleaners

Not all Williamsburg and Richmond carpet cleaning companies are the same. Chem-Dry of Richmond stands apart from the crowd of carpet cleaners by offering highly effective green cleaning technology, truly professional cleaning services and a reputation for customer service that is second to none.

All of our carpet cleaning service appointments include Chem-Dry of Richmond’s exclusive Healthy Home Assurance process; a ten point quality assurance system that is guaranteed to leave you satisfied, just like the thousands of happy customers that we have serviced in over twenty years.

Call us at 804.302.4099 for more information


Field Days of the Past -- Mark your calendars!


field days of the past resized 600Mark your calendars! Field Days of the Past -- September 19-22.  You won't want to miss this journey through the days of steam engines, horses and smoking sheds!

Get more information at http://www.fielddayofthepast.net/#

Labor Day Wine Celebration

Celebrate the holiday with a gourmet wine and cheese pairing. Learn the basics of putting together our award-winning wines with specialty cheeses to enhance the flavors of both.
Tickets: $10.00/person
Time: 11 AM – 5 PM
Location: James River Cellars Winery

Labor Day Celebration at James River Cellars Winery!  End the summer on a great note!

For more information: http://www.jamesrivercellars.com/events.html

Best Places to Swim on the James River in Richmond


The James River Park System is the best natural asset going for us in the Richmond area. The hot summer months are a great time to cool off in the river.

(Yes, don't lie Henrico, Hanover and Chesterfield county residents -- you all know you spend plenty of time leaching off of the city folk's parks.) 

Before we get started, you know about the city of Richmond's 5-foot ordinance at the James River, right? When water levels are over 5 feet (according to the Westham Gauge), you are required to wear a life jacket (we recommend them for children at any level). When water levels are at 9 feet or above, no one is allowed on the river without a permit. Safety first!

We also suggest shoes or sandals to protect your feet (flip-flops are OK, but don't lose them), plenty of water to drink (yes, its hot out there). There is no food available in the JRPS, so consider bringing a snack. Remember: Whatever you bring into the park, clean up after yourself and carry it back out.

Now, on to out list (from west to east, as the river flows):

Huguenot Flatwater

Where: Directly underneath the Huguenot Bridge on the south bank.

What you’ll see: Fisherman and floaters. There might even be a few small fishing boats with troller motors (from the fishing club just west of the park).

Why go: Huguenot Flatwater has very calm water, but almost no rocks for sitting. Great spot for paddling or inner tubes and jumping in for the occasional dip. The banks are higher east of the bridge and the water is deceptive, so be careful. There are two parking lots, a boat ramp and multiple trails through the riverbanks, it provides a relaxing place to hike, boat or swim. There is a sandy beach on the north bank, if you have a water craft to help you get across.

Tip: Huguenot Flatwater is a great starting point for a float to Pony Pasture. Bring your tube, hop in and go.

Riverside Meadow Greenspace

Where: Just east of the iconic Z-Dam and Williams Island on Riverside Drive.

What you'll see: The Z-Dam, a beautiful view of Williams Island (which is part of the JRPS as a nature preserve) and down river to Pony Pasture Rapids. DO NOT SWIM anywhere near the Z-Dam (above or below). Williams Island provides a portage around the dam for boaters and floaters. There will be fisherman below the dam, often standing on rocks. This area is a rest spot for fish between Pony Pasture and Z-Dam.

Why go: When Pony Pasture is too busy, getting away from the crowds.

Tip: Expect to walk a while (there is no parking) and plenty of goose poop. No restroom.

Pony Pasture Rapids/The Wetlands

Where: Located on the southbank two miles downstream from the Huguenot Bridge on Riverside Drive.

What you’ll see: Giant granite boulders covered with families and friends of all ages (especially on the weekends). Expect the takeout steps to have plenty of people sitting and wading around too (especially little kids). At the adjoining Wetlands, lower numbers of people, less rocks, calmer waters (beyond the rapids). There will be more people with dogs and plenty more trees for shade.

Why go: A typical day at Pony Pasture (read how it got that name) involves jumping from rock to rock all the way across the river or sitting in the shallow water to enjoy a relaxing cool down from the summer heat. On the weekends, the parking lot (with more than 100 spots) fills quickly.

Tip: If you want a rock, get there early to claim a rock. If you have a lot of people, come early to get a parking spot too. This park also has the only public restrooms with toilets in the JRPS.

Main Area West/Atlantic Coast Line Bridge

Where: The trail head is located in the 5300 block of Riverside Drive on the southbank. Very few parking spots, all on street.

What you'll see: A 10 minute hike down hill and across the train tracks will lead river-goers to some of the best granite boulders, vantage points and adventures you can find on the James. The piers of the old railroad bridge provide some adventure climbing and some people jump off them, but all at your own risk.

Why go: There aren't many deep swimming holes (besides the piers), but plenty of cool spots to relax. This area is for the more hearty river goer. There are ways you can hike the pipeline that runs through this area and when water levels are low, makes for a nice spot to let the James cascade down while you sit.

Tip: The hike back up is hard, so don't be a wimp and leave your trash down by the river. There are no trash receptacles down there, only at the trail head.

Main Area/42nd Street/Reedy Creek

Where: Riverside Drive at 42nd Street. The 42nd Street parking lot is only open on weekends, on-street parking is limited (respect the neighborhood folks).

What you'll see: At 42nd Street, there is a tower over the train tracks. From there, cross the small creek/millrace to the islands and pick a great rock. You can float down toward Reedy Creek and easily hike back with your tube and do it again.

Why go: The Main Area has some of the best granite rocks and spots to chill in the JRPS, as long as the river levels are below 6 feet. Pick a spot and wait for all the kayakers and whitewater rafts to float by. There are plenty of island spots closer to Reedy Creek as well, just watch out for poison ivy and try to stay on trails.

Tip: Great place to pack lunch/dinner for an entire day's outing, but bring plenty of sunscreen (not much shade), H2O and remember to take it all back out when you leave.

North Bank Park/Texas Beach

Where: 1941 Texas Avenue near Maymont. Hey, a spot on the north side of the river! Take the trail from the parking lot, cross the bridge over the train tracks and follow the trail to a spot to your liking.

What you'll see: Long, rustic trail leads to many isolated sandy beaches and sunbathing rocks (the James River drops plenty of sand here as it slows for the VEPCO dam). Plenty of tree cover and shady spots, except when you venture out toward the rocks further west of the tower. Plenty of people chilling, lots of dogs off leashes (likely). Occasional fisherman.

Why go: Considered one of the bet spots for snorkeling in Richmond. Plus, North Bank is not a spot for cruising, you need to work to get out there. Often, people tend to choose North Bank to get away from all the rest of Richmond.

Tip: If you're up for hiking, just keep going west on the trail until you start seeing all the boulders and find a super isolated spot.

Belle Isle

Where: Get there by way of the pedestrian bridge under the Robert E. Lee Bridge from the north side or the pathways from Riverside Drive at 22nd Street on the south side.

What you'll see: Plenty of boulders to sit on, which provide little spots for calm water in between. Very little shade.

Why go: Maybe the best spot for people watching, but consider the surroundings. When water levels are lower, there are enough spots to relax. Not always the best spot for families because irresponsible people break bottles, curse and misbehave on occasion.

Tip: The class III Hollywood Rapid is not for swimmers and must be avoided. Watch out when the river is high and don't swim. The First Break Rapid on the west end of the island provides good swimming spots.

Tredegar Beach

Where: Under the CSX Viaduct on Tredegar Street at Brown's Island.

What you'll see: There is a rope swing under the CSX Viaduct and the sandy beaches at Tredegar Beach are usually are a big destination on weekends.

Why go: The area has become its own draw and is a great place for people watching.

Tip: The rope swing is not legally approved, play at your own risk. Stay perpendicular to the beach and don't go downriver (the dam down river is unsafe for swimming).

Pipeline Rapids

Where: 12th and Byrd streets.

What you'll see: The pipeline catwalk, a small sandy beach and some rocks, when the river is low. Plenty of Great Blue Heron. Fishing, kayaks and bird watchers.

Why go: Pipeline has a couple of rocks to jump from, but scout everything out first. Take caution if you explore toward the islands in the middle of the James River.

Tip: The rapids there are class III and not safe for swimming, so everything needs to be below the rapids and take precaution.

Soothing away allergies with nature-based remedies


For the 40 million Americans with environmental allergies, the onset of a new season means endless sneezing, wheezing, itchy eyes, scratchy throat and a runny nose. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, allergies are among the most common chronic conditions. Although there is no cure, natural remedies provide a safe and effective way to reduce symptoms.

“During the pollen season, we recommend that people not necessarily stay inside with the air-conditioning on, but that they get out and enjoy life,” says Dr. William Silvers, an allergist and clinical professor of medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. “For those who wish to go a more natural route, there are certain natural products that can be almost as good as some of the antihistamines.”

Nothing to Sneeze at

When the immune system overreacts to a normally harmless substance, such as dust mites, pollen and mold spores, allergies flare up. Try these simple natural remedies to keep pesky symptoms at bay:

 Flush it out. Clear your nose and sinuses of allergens with a simple homemade saline solution. Simply combine a teaspoon of iodine-free salt and a pinch of baking soda in an 8-ounce glass of lukewarm distilled or sterilized water. Gently squirt the solution in each nostril using a soft rubber ear bulb syringe or an infant nasal bulb from your drug store. “Moistening your respiratory passages with saltwater a couple of times a day to get the pollen and the particulates out is ultimately important,” said Silvers. Some people irrigate their nasal passages with a neti pot sold with ready-made packets. To avoid potentially dangerous organisms in tap water, used boiled or distilled water only.

 Block the source. Install a portable HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter in your bedroom to help trap particles before they irritate your nasal passages. You can also put a HEPA filter on some vacuum cleaners to prevent allergens from flying back out into the air.

 Keep it clean. Target the source of allergens by removing irritating particles from your home. Vacuum often, keep windows closed when pollen counts are high, frequently wash sheets in hot water, and replace curtains with wooden or metal blinds. Consider switching out carpet for wood, tile or vinyl flooring, especially where you sleep.

 Try a natural supplement. To stop chronic rhinitis in its tracks without the sleepiness caused by antihistamines, some people use the natural allergy supplement known as butterbur.

“Butterbur has been shown to be effective when compared to Zyrtec and it’s the herb that’s getting the most play right now,” says Silvers. Avoid raw butterbur which may contain toxins; instead, look for supplements labeled PA-free. Silvers also warns that people who are allergic to ragweed should not take butterbur since the combo makes allergies worse.

 Acupuncture. A recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that acupuncture can improve allergy symptoms, decreasing the need for medication. Silvers recommends about 10 treatments to be effective.

Make a few simple changes

By making a few lifestyle changes, you can dramatically improve your sensitivity to environmental allergens, said Silvers. He recommends exercising, eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, getting enough quality sleep and reducing your stress level.

“One doesn’t have to go to medicines right away,” he said. “We’re spending more time talking about lifestyle, such as taking the fast processed foods out of the diet and supplementing that with increased fresh fruits and vegetables which we know are very important and have anti-inflammatory and immune-enhancing properties.”

Silvers also recommends including omega 3 fatty acids, probiotics and vitamin D in your diet.

“We know that patients who are vitamin D deficient have worsened asthma and as we give them more vitamin D their asthma improves,” he says.

Silvers also recommends reducing your stress level to improve symptoms.

“There’s no question that emotional stress worsens the allergic response.”

In a recent study published in Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, researchers observed 179 individuals with environmental allergies for three months and discovered that more than a third of participants — those with higher stress levels — were more likely to have allergy flare-ups.

Summer's Best Homemade Ice Cream


Seriously the best strawberry-rhubarb ice cream ever! 


  • 2 1/2 cups whole milk 
  • 3/4 cup half-and-half
  • 1 cup sugar, divided 
  • 3 large egg yolks 
  • 2 cups chopped fresh rhubarb
  • 1/3 cup fruity red wine (such as merlot) - For a nonalcohol variation - use cranberry juice instead
  • 3 cups chopped fresh strawberries (about 1 pound) 


  1. Combine milk and half-and-half in a heavy saucepan over medium-high heat. Heat milk mixture to 180° or until tiny bubbles form around edge (do not boil). Combine 1/2 cup sugar and egg yolks in a large bowl, stirring with a whisk until pale yellow. Gradually add half of hot milk mixture to egg yolk mixture, stirring constantly with a whisk. Pour the egg yolk mixture into pan with remaining milk mixture; cook over medium-low heat until a thermometer registers 160° (about 2 minutes), stirring constantly. Place pan in a large ice-filled bowl for 20 minutes or until custard cools completely, stirring occasionally.
  2. Combine remaining 1/2 cup sugar, rhubarb, and wine in a saucepan over medium-high heat; bring to a boil. Reduce heat, and simmer 8 minutes or until rhubarb is tender and liquid is syrupy. Remove from heat; let stand 10 minutes. Combine rhubarb mixture and strawberries in a blender; process until smooth. Strain mixture through a sieve over a bowl, pressing with a wooden spoon; discard solids. Stir rhubarb mixture into custard mixture.
  3. Pour custard into the freezer can of an ice-cream freezer; freeze according to manufacturer's instructions. Drain ice water from freezer bucket; repack with salt and ice. Cover with kitchen towels, and let stand 1 hour or until firm.
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Women's Empowerment Expo -- Save the date


empowerment expo resized 600 

Save the date: September 20th, the Women's Empowerment Expo. Celebrate Health, Weath and Wisdom.

More information at http://kissrichmond.com/events/womens-empowerment-2014/

Outdoor activities in the D.C. area sure to chase away summer boredom!




Is the calendar moving faster than you can handle? Did you wake up last week and cry out in agony at the realization that it was already August? Are you spending too much time inside? Then you might have the summertime sadness! There’s no way to stop summer from slipping away, but there are still four more August weekends to keep the dream of sunshine and good times alive. If you’re suffering from any of the following (totally real) symptoms, you could consult a doctor, or you could follow our (totally unlicensed) diagnoses.

Feeling anxious?

Symptom: You wake up in the middle of the night and shout “SUUUUUUMMMERRRR!” like you’re Marlon Brando in
“A Streetcar Named Desire.”

Diagnosis: Bummersummeritis

Cure: Head to the beach.

Drive up the East Coast to one of Delmarva’s many beaches. En route, stop at a brewery — like Evolution Craft Brewing Company (201 E. Vine St., Salisbury, Md.) — for a drink, then hit the beach and dip your toes. Once it gets dark, head to a restaurant — we’re fans of Dogfish Head’s Rehoboth Beach brewpub (320 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach, Del.) — and try to forget that you’ve wasted spent the past two months at something called “work.”

Feeling caged in?

Symptom: The only time you get to enjoy the weather is during your trips to and from work.

Diagnosis: Stuckinthecityaphyxiation

Cure: Go outside — for fun!

Nothing will make you forget about work faster than a short trip to the great outdoors. The scenic and peaceful Great Falls Park (9200 Old Dominion Drive, McLean, Va., or 11710 MacArthur Blvd., Potomac, Md.) is easily accessible from both Maryland and Virginia and offers hiking trails for beginners and veterans.

Ride a bike around the Tidal Basin (rent one from Capital Bikeshare if you don’t own one).

Feeling dehydrated?

Symptom: Your skin is dry and your Vitamin D count is low.

Diagnosis: Sunemia Cure: Hit the pool or head to Splash Yards.

The easy cure: Head to your local pool for some fun in the sun. For a list of D.C. pools, visit dpr.dc.gov/page/aquatic-facilities.

Or, you could nip this in the bud Saturday by heading to Splash Yards at Yards Park (355 Water St. SE, Sat., 2-6 p.m., free). The adults-only (21 and up) pool party turns Yards Park into an outdoor water festival complete with two pools, a giant waterslide and a water battle. Frozen drinks and Bluejacket beer will be for sale, and all-’90s cover band White Ford Bronco will soundtrack the day.

Feeling unfulfilled?

Symptom: You’re hungry, but nothing fills your appetite.

Diagnosis: Restless stomach syndrome

Cure: Dine out, al fresco.

Here are three picks for outdoor eating (and drinking):

Vinoteca (1940 11th St. NW): This wine bar has a peaceful patio out front, a sophisticated menu meant for sharing and an extensive wine list. The draw for those in need of outdoor eating is the plaza in the back, with its outdoor bar, picnic-style seating and a bocce ball court.

Republic (6939 Laurel Ave., Takoma Park, Md.): The restaurant has a patio just big enough to feature live music. Bonus: Locals who remember when Video Americain occupied Republic’s space will appreciate the video store’s restored neon sign, which helps light the intimate outdoor area.

Garden District (1801 14th St. NW): The popular beer garden formerly known as Standard gets a bit less crowded in August, leaving room for you to sip on liter mugs of beer while eating smoked meats. Pro tip: Grab a doughnut — baked in a doughnut robot — for dessert.

Feeling zombified?

Symptom: You haven’t left your home in a month because you got caught up binge-watching “Ghost Whisperer.”

Diagnosis: Screendinitis

Cure: Go see a movie outdoors

Here are our suggestions for your open-air movie viewing pleasure:

Catch a classic — “Casablanca” — by the water in Reston, Va. (Lake Anne Plaza, 1609 Washington Plaza, Reston, Va.; Sunday, sundown, free).

Belt your heart out with the “Frozen” sing-along in Fairfax while enjoying $3 Dolcezza push pops in the park. (Strawberry Park, 2910 District Ave., Fairfax; Aug. 22, 7 p.m., free.)

Consider this a slow binge: Each Sunday from now till Aug. 31, you can watch a different James Bond film (all with Sean Connery as 007) at National Harbor’s plaza. First up is “Goldfinger,” followed by “From Russia With Love,” “Dr. No” and “You Only Live Twice.” (165 Waterfront St., National Harbor, Md.; Sundays, 6 p.m., free.)

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